Jules Taylor Wines

Rosé 2010

This is the wine that’s our least serious wine. It’s not serious in nature – it is serious in flavour.

It’s the lunchtime wine, the one that you can drink and not question. It’s the condensation-beaded glass, fruity, slightly sweet and that glorious blush redolent of a setting sun on a warm summer’s evening. 

Winemakers notes

This wine has lovely balance and a lingering fruit filled finish with intense raspberry and strawberry flavours and corresponding aromas of fresh summer berries. It has vibrant tamarillo and cherry hues.


This Rose is made from Merlot grapes grown in Gisborne and picked in the cool night temperatures. We then quickly crushed the grapes allowing the juice to remain with the skins to pick up just the right amount of colour and delightful aroma. After this, the juice was gently pressed off the skins and allowed to settle for 48 hours. After a long, cool fermentation this wine has had a light filtration to enhance its brightness and then sealed with a screw cap to lock in the fresh fruit flavours.