Jules Taylor Wines

'On The Quiet' Series

A limited release by Jules Taylor

Sometimes you get very special grapes which make very special wines. And sometimes, just sometimes, you don’t tell anybody that you’ve got these special grapes and that you’re going to make some very special wines. 

This was one of those sometimes.

These wines were made on the quiet by Jules, hence the name. She had spotted pockets of fruit in certain vineyards that showed great promise. Combining this with her desire to try something a little different, to challenge the conventional winemaking interpretations of Marlborough’s signature varieties, she hid her project in the back of the winery. After quiet months maturing some very special wines emerged, as did, after a certain amount of wrestling to the ground, Jules' secret.

We've sealed them in beautiful bespoke bottles decorated with artwork inspired by the flora and fauna found in vineyards around Marlborough to please both the eye and the palate.

These are wines born of an indulgence - but we all need our indulgences.


Available at glengarrywines.co.nz from 21st September 2017.