Jules Taylor Wines

Late Harvest 2011 Sauvignon Blanc

Sometimes we leave the fruit on the vines and let it ripen and over ripen and then we make teeny tiny quantities of tart honeyed gold. Sometimes.

Winemakers notes

Delicate aromas of ripe stone fruits, honey and subtle hints of its Sauvignon Blanc heritage are echoed on the palate with flavours of apricots, mandarin, candied tropical fruits and honey in this golden hued late harvest sweetie. Rich and viscous the great acid balance keeps this wine from being cloying.


This block of Sauvignon Blanc ripened early during the vintage and we tagged it as having potential to make sweet wine. Nature was on our side and the noble rot settled in causing perfect dehydration of a good portion of the berries. The grapes were handpicked one freezing morning in May. The berries were crushed and pressed and the juice chilled then returned to the press to "soak up" more of the precious nectar from a second pressing. The juice was settled then slowly fermented in a small tank before bottling in October.