Jules Taylor Wines

Gruner Veltliner 2010

The name’s a bit of a mouthful so we just call it Gru Vee. Roll it round in your mouth - it’s an apt name.

The best way to describe Gruner Veltliner is that it’s cool climate wine somewhere between an aromatic white and a chardonnay. One of the reasons that we’re making it is to see if there’s life after Sauvignon Blanc. The result suggests there might be.

Winemakers notes

Floral and nectarine aromatics can be found layered over hints of spice. This wine has a delightfully lifted and perfumed nose and a pale lime colour. The stone fruit theme carries on to the palate with flavours of peaches and nectarines at the fore – carefully balancing layers of sweet fruit and acid.


This is the first vintage I have had the opportunity to work with Gruner Veltliner, as vineyards planted in this variety have only just come to fruition. With its strong aromatic profile I believe it is a variety that should be eminently suited to the Marlborough region. I have gently pressed the berries after chilling the fruit to minimise oxidation and the juice was then cold settled over 48 hours before fermenting. The ferment was kept cool and long to retain the vibrant aromatics and then gently clarified, stabilised and bottled with a screw cap closure to retain freshness.