Jules Taylor Wines

We're raising $10,000 for the Cancer Society

September 2014

The Marlborough Women's Triathlon is New Zealand's longest running women's triathlon. Thousands of women have taken part in this event since 1983. Last year we proudly became the name sponsor of the event and had a great time competing in it!

This year we are extending our support to a broader Marlborough community, having put together a series of Fun Charity Runs and rides to help you prepare for the Tri which takes place on November 30th. These runs are suitable for the whole family, so bring your partner, kids and friends. We will donate $1 for every km you run or ride towards the Cancer Society up to a maximum of $10,000!!

This money will specifically go towards a new program designed to get women back in to exercise and wellbeing post cancer treatment. To get to this target, we need you, your friends, and family and as many people as you can find to come along and participate!

Jump onto www.marlboroughwomenstri.co.nz/#!trainingevents/chfg to find out more about how to get involved!