Jules Taylor Wines

Final countdown to the 2015 vintage

March 2015

The excitement has once again started building up as we've been counting down the final days until the 2015 harvest! The weather has been behaving well this growing season. We've recorded 35 days with temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius from the start of December until end of February ( which is extra 14 days compared with the previous year). There's been plenty of sunshine and just enough rain to top up the irrigation ponds which keep the vines well watered and healthy in the months leading up to the harvest. Now we just hope that the good weather holds on till the grapes are tucked up at the winery!

Will & Jane Grigg's newly planted Sauvignon Blanc block will be the first to see the harvester later this week. The vines are 18 months old and Jules is very excited to get her hands on some first cropping Sauvignon Blanc fruit. Gorgeous greens along with nettles and tropical fruit galore, she raves!! These young grapes will be an excellent addition to the JT Sauvi blend this year.

Jenny Partridge's Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris from Craig Plunkett & Secc block will probably follow shortly after... BRING IT ON!!

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