Jules Taylor Wines

Our people

We have a small but tight team. When we say ‘tight’ we don’t mean tight as in having drunk too much. Even though we all like wine a lot which is why we all work together. Some of us are born and bred in Marlborough and some of us are less fortunate but we all call Marlborough home. Anyway, here we are.

Jules Taylor

You can’t have a wine label named Jules Taylor without having a Jules Taylor and, happily, we have one. Quick précis just in case you’ve got this far without knowing who Jules Taylor is. Jules is the winemaker, the visionary, the dreamer, the motivator, the laugher, the chivvier, mother of Louis, Nico and godmother to several hundred thousand little grapes. She’s also a pretty nice person. Jules is married to George.

George Elworthy

George is married to Jules. Self-described as a ‘burnt out winemaker’ – which is grossly unfair as you can’t burn wine – George has now turned his attention to “buttering up” bank managers and other necessary tasks in the engine room; marketing, selling, stuff that needs doing, and Jules. Not necessarily in that order.  

Katerina Thomas

Katerina came to Jules Taylor Wines via the Czech Republic and Ireland. She handles all our marketing and communications including the bit where she tells the writer to make her sound amazingly efficient, inspired and creative. Which she is...Did we mention that Katerina, like all good marketing people, is very persuasive?


Jeremy Hyland

Jeremy is the viticulturist. If you look ‘viticulturist’ up in the dictionary you’ll see it says ‘unsung hero who walks around a lot talking to winegrowers, workers and grapes and at whose feet mere mortal winemakers bow each day in praise.’ Jeremy comes from Gisborne so he doesn’t insist on the praise thing too much.